Audio Pac AP-1

The J-Lab Audo Pac (AP-1) is not only an ideal companion to the CFS-1, but is used stand-alone by major news organizations as a field news audio control center. As with the CFS-1, the Audio Pac is packaged in a briefcase-size Halliburton aluminum case. The system is comprised of:
  • eight wide range transformer isolated inputs;
  • two band equalizers per channel;
  • two full lever auxiliary busses;
  • stereo program busses;
  • L.E.D peak reading meters, and;
  • two audio power amplifiers.
A built-in telephone with two line switching and hold features rounds out the system.
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Block Diagram INPUT
Each transformer isolated balanced input is equipped with 30db of "H" PAD and 40db of "trim" gain allowing the AP-1 to match any input from the "hottest" line to the lowest output dynamic microphone. Input number six doubles as a 700 Hz audio oscillator while inputs seven and eight allow either or both telephone lines to be included in the mix.
The "Hi" and "Lo" band equalization controls are smooth 6db per octave units. The "Lo" range reaches ±15db at 15kHz.
Two auxiliary channels are provided. The input to either may be switched between pre-channel master fader and post-channel master fader. The two auxiliary master controls are rotary faders feeding individual +10 to -20db peak reading L.E.D. VU meters. The auxiliary outputs are fully balanced and equal in every way to the program outputs.
The individual channel faders are slider type. Each channel output can be placed on either A or B buss, or both A and B. The program masters are sliders as well and feed independent +10db to -20db peak reading L.E.D. VU meters. The program outputs are fully balanced.
The expanded range VU'sa follow the CCIR peak reading algorithm and are calibrated for 0db to be +8dbm.
The speaker outputs are driven by monolythic full bridge power amplifiers. They are capable of providing 35 watts of audio drive. Their output is usually limited only by the 12 volt power supply powering the entire unit.