Ordering Information

Flight Pac
Including CFS-1, Component ISO outputs, Dual Composite ISO Routers, Hamlet Microscope, Hard Contact Tally, Protective Case, Powered Monitor Bridge with six LCD color input monitors and one each Preview and Program monitors with Bridge Protective Case. CFS-PAC
Composite ISO Router Controller Option-4
Hamlet Remote Panel Option-6
DSK Option-8
Genlock Option-9
In-line Breakout Box: Sony BOB-5
In-line Breakout Box: Ike/Hit BOB-6
Battery Bracket Breakout Box: Sony BOB-7
Battery Bracket Breakout Box: Ike/Hit BOB-8
Battery Bracket Breakout Box: Ike/Sony BOB-9
Ikegami/Hitachi CCU Interface CCUI-1
100 Watt 12 VDC Power Supply PS-1
Dual 50 Watt Remote Sensing Power Supply PS-3
4-Channel Cable Booster 26EQS
Cable Extender (Circular) 26B
Cable Extender (Rectangular) 26B1
Camera Control CCU-3-S
Custom Accessory Case ACASE
Switcher Protective Case PCASE
Cable (Please specify length in feet)
Custom 26 Pin Cable CC26
Component ISO Cables  
          26 Pin CI26
          12 Pin CI12
          BNC CIBNC
Composite ISO Controller Cable CICC
Hamlet Remote Cable HMRX
Hard Contact Tally Cable HCTC
Sensing 4 Pin Power Cable SDCC-8
Input Breakin Cable IBKI
Output Breakout Cable OBKO
DSK Multi Cable DSKC
Genlock Cable GNLK-1
Ikegami Camera Control Stub Cable IKESTUB
Sony Camera Control Cable SONYSTUB
Sony 6 Pin F to 10 Pin M Control Cable SONY
Sony 6 Pin F Inline Jack to 10 Pin M Control Cable SONY-1
CCU Prime Cable CCU-3-A
CCU Extension Cable CCU-3-B