Digital Camera Adapter Available with Embedded Audio

"SDI NOW" is J-Lab's answer to the lack of serial digital outputs on most of today's cameras. The SDN-1 allows any camera with 26 pin analog component video connector to produce full 10 bit component uncompressed serial digital video (SMTPE 259M/EBU 601). The SDN-1A facilitates two of the available four digital audio channels in the standard. Capable of transformer coupled microphone ( -55db ) and direct coupled line ( +8db ) operation, the SDN-1A provides full 24 bit, 48KHz sample rate, 115db SNR stereo audio. The 1.5 lb. unit mounts on any Anton-Bauer snap-on battery plate and is available with a rear mounted Anto-Bauer plate for battery operation. Camera power may be facilitated through the VTR connector of a traditional 4 pin XLR connector. SDI
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Video (1) 525, 625 line operation
  (2) Reponse: Y ± 0.25db to 5.5 MHz
      C ± 0.25db to 5.5 MHz
      2T <= 1%
Power 12 VDC @ 450 ma.
Audio AES/EBU 24 Bit 48KHz

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Snap-On SDI Unit (Video Only) SDN-1   SDI-1 With Anton-Bauer Plate SDN-1P
Snap-On SDI Unit (Audio/Video Only) SDN-1A   SDI-1A With Anton-Bauer Plate SDN-1AP
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