The CFS-1 is something totally unique in the realm of field production. It is a control center and production switcher, housed in a Halliburton briefcase, that can support a six camera or camcorder fully component shoot while being powered from the average cigarette lighter.

As a control center, the CFS-1 centralizes P.L.(intercom), power, genlock timing, audio, cable equalization, remote composite iso switching, monitoring, waveform/vector measurement, and tallies.

As a switcher, the CFS-1 is a four level, 2 bus, video mixer, with crossfade, "take", and a separate fade to black. The levels are: composite, Y, R-Y, and B-Y. Ten wipe patterns are also provided.

The unit has six 26-pin camera connectors, each with a parallel BNC for composite only operation. A second BNC provides an equalized composite iso output. Cable compensation is accomplished by six 4- channel equalization amplifiers capable of handling up to 600 feet of component cable. Each input has a Beta, M-2, EBU switch allowing various formats to be intermixed in a single production. Equalized composite and component outputs are available for each input facilitating iso recordings made at the switcher.

Four program outputs are provided by two circular connectors and two BNC sets. An extra SDI output is available as an option. Since most component cameras provide composite outputs, the CFS-1 provides two independent, remotely controlled, internal composite routing matrixes allowing equalized video to be viewed hundreds of feet away without disturbing the operator or recorded video.
The Hamlet Micro ScopeĀ™ remote panel and the Composite Iso Controller, coupled with the appropriate handheld camera controls provide a comprehensive video shading station.

Seven individually timeable black burst outputs are produced by the CFS-1. Six of these provide the genlock video signals required by the input devices (cameras, character generators, etc.). The remaining black burst is available on a BNC for other uses.

The PS-3 sensing power supply makes possible cable runs over 1200 feet without external adjustment, while the 4 channel cable booster (26EQS) provides the additional required video compensation.

The LCD Monitor Bridge, with LED tallies complete the "video truck in a case" concept. Multi camera setup is accomplished in minutes rather than hours, as cameras can be equalized and timed as fast as they can be connected and powered.

Our newest option, the Composite, Component, Downstream Keyer, enables keying in either mode while providing:
  • Encoded monitoring of all component outputs.
  • True component preview output.
"take" as well as dissolve of key over program.

A steady list of options continues to be created to add to the usefulness of the CFS-1. Inquire at J-LAB at 310-457-4090.

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